The Conception

Ten years ago in August 2002, while at the second European Energy Psychology conference in Oxford University, England, I had a powerful experience of what I would be doing in the future. That moment of insight started me on a journey that has led me to this moment in time, and to the creation of the Sarah Bird Foundation.

Over the past twelve years I have been training in disciplines that empower change and growth. Firstly this started with my own development and as I grew and learnt more about the human psyche and how we hold onto and process information, memories, beliefs and emotions I started to take my learning and work with others.

Embodying the concept of NVC (Nonviolent Communication) has transformed my life and how I am able to connect to and receive another person without judgment and blame, building deep listening skills and empathic and compassionate communication into my life.

I value our right to autonomy and equality and this led me to train in mediation and conflict resolution and later to get involved with restorative justice in Ireland. My passion is making a difference in the lives of others. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a person recover from trauma and heal the painful emotions they have been forced to endure through no fault of their own.

Having worked in the Humanitarian field I knew this was something I yearned to do more of and last January, in fact on new Years day, the concept of the Sarah Bird Foundation was born.

This was how I could live my life fulfilling my passion to empower others and make a difference in the world, and as I realised what this could mean my excitement grew and also my fear of what I was about to do.

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