Development Workers: Are you Building Your Resilience?

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Recent studies have shown that 30% of development workers are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) upon returning from aid missions. This type of statistic immediately begs the questions, what percentage of development workers returning from the field have undiagnosed PTSD and what percentage return with very high stress levels that affects their effectiveness and how they reintegrate into their everyday lives.

From my own experience, of both working in the field and of treating volunteers and development workers, I would be confident that the actual amount of people who need treatment to help them process the trauma they have experienced through their work in stressful environments, is far greater than 30%.

At the Sarah Bird Foundation, we believe your emotional and mental well-being are paramount to being effective in the field and to settle back into daily life with ease upon your return from working in stressful environments. It is for this reason that we have, as a solidarity partner, joined with Comhlamh to deliver a special half-day workshop


“Build Your Resilience”

on Saturday April 25th

from 10am to 1.30pm.


This half day will teach you how to

  • minimise the impact of stress while in a stressful environment,
  • recognise the warning signs of stress in yourself and your colleagues,
  • learn how to deal with stress if it becomes a problem in a practical and easy way.


To Build Your Resilience, please contact Sarah Bird today on or 087 219 3343 and reserve your place.

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