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Introducing Sarah Bird, CEO & Founder

sarah bird foundation

Sarah Bird is an award-winning humanitarian, with over 30 years of experience in the areas of stress management, peak performance and the treatment of trauma, particularly stress and trauma arising from combat, conflict and natural disasters.

An Irish-based UK-citizen, working both in Ireland and on the international front, she has helped thousands of people, including private individuals, corporate organisations, charities and NGO’s. In addition, Sarah‘s proven success in treating the survivors of conflict, combat and natural disasters has earned her an international reputation as a highly respected practitioner in the field of trauma healing.

Combining her knowledge and training in Counselling, Energy Psychology, Conflict Resolution, Nonviolent Communication and Personal Development, Sarah empowers her clients to change their relationship with their traumatic experiences, release old patterns of behaviour and empower themselves to move their lives forward with dignity and balance.

Sarah is a leading practitioner of Energy Psychology, an emerging and fast developing modality for successfully treating stress and trauma, which is becoming recognised around the world as an effective way to help individuals and groups to self-regulate their psychological and psycho-physical health, by rapidly reducing the symptoms of anxiety, anger, trauma, and stress. Based on an integration of quantum physics, psychology, eastern medicine and spirituality, Energy Psychology uses tools to directly balance the human energy system, giving access to unconscious beliefs, blocked emotions and past traumatic experiences, and effectively change them.

Sarah is the Regional Coordinator in Ireland of the Association of Complementary Energy Psychology (ACEP), the worldwide organisation which regulates and promotes the practice of Energy Psychology. She is a Member of the Humanitarian Committee and was the first person in the world to be awarded and recognised by ACEP as a Certified Energy Health Practitioner (CEHP).

In Ireland, Sarah has been associated with the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, and has delivered support and training programs for the Catherine McCauley Open Door Project and the Irish United Nations Veterans Association. Her humanitarian projects also include ‘Facing Forward’, a mediation and social change group working towards introducing and integrating restorative justice into the Irish judicial system.

Sarah is a member of The Institute of Directors (Ireland), The Dublin Chamber of Commerce, The Association of Coaching Ireland.

In 2007, Sarah received the ACEP Humanitarian Award for her work in post-earthquake Pakistan.

Mentor: Dr. Roshan R. Billimoria

Working with Sarah Bird

In recent years, Sarah has been mentored by Dr. Roshan Billimoria, former Chairperson of the United Nations Non-Governmental Organisations, and also the UN/NGO representative at the Iceland Peace Summit with Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev. Dr. Billimoria has provided the following Letter of Reference (dated July 2012) supporting Sarah Bird:

Original Letter Roshan Billimoria

“I find the essence of mentoring to be a sacred trust in which the personal and professional, the local and global – partner and support each other. And where neither of these aspects dominate, to the exclusion of the other.

All too often, in fast-paced cultures and societies individuals, organizations, even communities searching for support and skill-training in the arena of leadership development, effective collaboration and humanitarian initiatives are willing to settle for uni-dimensional avenues towards achieving their stated goals. And yet, the end result of such an approach is often barren, lacking in inward fulfillment and outer sustainability.

Pre-packaged models, jargon-laden nomenclature and ‘techniques’ super-imposed on an organic process of experiential, professional growth tend to leave little or no room for the authentic, joy-filled unfolding of inner aspiration and vision. Which is in fact, the true precursor to outer manifestation.

In that sense, mentoring involves a willingness and commitment from both parties, to engage in a foundational process that becomes integrated into the very core of one’s life and living.

Sarah Bird has brought her blazing vision, her well-honed sense of integrity and indomitable commitment to honoring the work she undertakes. Her remarkable aptitude and the wealth of experience and expertise she has acquired – and continues to build upon – places her at the head of the pack.

She forges ahead, courageously and with compassion; acquiring the necessary skills and experiences on an ongoing basis – in service of the principles and causes she holds dear. Noteworthy: Sarah Bird is a visionary with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

We are fortunate to have in our midst a Leader of her outstanding calibre: a person who has consciously chosen to point the way, with both Head and Heart.

Roshan R. Billimoria
Former Chairperson, UN/NGOs”


Board of Directors



Naomi Gould

naomi Gould

Profession: Social Care Worker

Personal Profile: Naomi Gould is a qualified social care practitioner with over eight years experience working in the non profit sector in the areas of Domestic Violence, Homelessness, Child Protection, Sexual Violence Support Services and the Criminal Justice System.

Relevant personal experience: Naomi has extensive knowledge and passion for the non profit sector.
Naomi has managed a national registered charity in Ireland, where she led a team of over 40 staff and volunteers.

She has proven success in launching major national awareness raising campaigns, project management, fundraising and volunteer training and management.

Naomi has worked with earthquake survivors in New Zealand for eighteen months. And in early 2016, Naomi accompanied Sarah Bird to Nepal to provide trauma healing workshops to all those affected by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal in 2015.

In 2014, Naomi was awarded a Certificate of Service by the New Zealand Police Force for her work with Child Survivors of Sexual Violence.

Naomi is dedicated to working with all those affected by trauma and violence from a human rights based approach.

Education: Naomi currently holds an Bachelor of Arts (honours) from Athlone Institute of Technology in social studies in social care.
Naomi has also been accepted to study International Human Rights Law at the Sutherland School of Law, UCD.

Other directorships: Naomi is a director of the Childhood cancer foundation in Ireland.



Emma Horgan, Company Secretary

Emma Horgan
Profession:  Non Profit Management

Personal Profile: Emma has worked with a number of charities in Ireland professionally; LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, Special Olympics Ireland,  Make-A-Wish® Ireland and voluntarily with The Umbrella Foundation, Breast Cancer Ireland and The World Mercy Fund.

Emma has extensive knowledge, experience and passion for the Non-Profit Sector. She is originally American trained in fundraising, having consulted with CCS Fundraising for a number of years in the UK on major capital campaigns, project management and volunteer training and management.

Emma has practical knowledge of developing and implementing fundraising and digital strategies, online media, event management, coordinating grant applications, corporate sponsor relationships, project management; report generation and evaluation, budgeting and managing resources.


Emma’s primary degree is a BSc in Management and she holds a Post Graduate Diploma and a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing.

Emma is currently undertaking the Chartered Director program with the Institute of Directors at the IMI.



Paul O’Connor


Profession: Partner

Business Name: POLUS Intelligence

Personal Profile: Paul is a Partner in POLUS Intelligence, a Competitive Intelligence and Innovation Management Consultancy based in Dublin. He formed POLUS in 2012 with his partner, Loïc Lucas, a Competitive Intelligence specialist and former French military intelligence officer.

Previously, Paul spent over 25 years as a professional architect and design practice owner within the construction sector.

Personal Experience: Paul is considered a highly intuitive strategic thinker and creative visionary with a passion for sustainable innovation, with over 25 years of design-based business experience, both self-employed and within SME’s, leading, managing, training, coaching, facilitating and mentoring, individuals, groups and organisations; to transform how they see themselves, the world and their relationship to it.

Received ACEP Humanitarian Award 2006 for self-funded aid work with Sarah Bird treating PTSD in post-earthquake Pakistan.



Patrick Lane, Finance Director

Patrick Lane

Personal Profile: Joined the board in 23rd October 2013. I have a deep-rooted passion for analysing trends and helping companies plan to achieve their full potential. Regardless of how the economy appears, there are always options we can explore to raise new funds, and ways of improving cash flow and available resources. With the help of an experienced CFO, you can take your organisation on to the next level by availing of the financial expertise and insight that is available.

Relevant Personal Experience: A graduate of UCD and a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, I founded my own accountancy business in 1983. I built it steadily by delivering no nonsense hard work on behalf of my clients, who can concentrate on their core business activities knowing that there’s a safe pair of hands taking care of their financial interests.


Other Directorships:


Pascal Derrien

pascal derrien

 Profession:  EMEA Business Operations Leader

Business Name:  Microsoft Europe

Personal Profile: Currently sitting in the Microsoft Customer Service & Tech Support EMEA Leadership Team, Pascal is a Senior Business & Operations Leader providing executive support to an organisation encompassing 400 employees and up to 1000 vendors through 7 technology lines of business in EMEA. He is currently managing a team of 18 individuals composed of 10 Directs Senior Business and Operations Managers and their respective Analysts teams.

With a strong humanist ethos, Pascal always put the organic growth of an organisation first while balancing out the strategic need of execution.

Relevant Personal Experience:


 Other Directorships:


Leslie Brett

Leslie Brett
Professsion: Business Development Consultant

Personal Profile: Highly committed, successful professional Business Development Consultant with experience in the management of a Business Unit in the BioScience and Medication Delivery Healthcare/Pharma Sector. My core strengths lie in leading sales and marketing teams and growing the business through growth initiatives. I am passionate about customer relationship management and have managed key accounts at senior levels with Patient Organisations and

the HSE on an ongoing basis. I have trained and coached sales / marketing teams and been responsible for the development and implementation of business strategies. I have presented and executed these plans at Local, European and Global levels. I believe in a team approach, both internal and external using resources to meet customer requirements to grow a successful business.

Relevant Personal Experience: Worked extensively in the healthcare arena for the past 25 years. Managing Sales and Marketing teams, setting strategic direction and managing a considerable financial budget working in partnership with Hospitals, HSE and Healthcare Professionals


Other Directorships:







Dr. Roshan R. Billimoria

roshan billimoria


Educational and Professional Background:

Word Related and Inspirational Travel:

Along the way…over 87 nations in all continents, including Antartica.

Special Interests:

Leadership-development – oriented towards Meaningful Right Action Development Indicators that nurture the well-being of Peoples and Societies Community participation and involvement on decision making Compassionate, Non-Violent Resolution of differences and conflicts Reverence for Presence and for the authentic Self.


Dr. David Gruder



Business Name: Integrity Revolution, LLC.

Personal Profile:

Co-founder and first President of ACEP, the international Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Dr. David Gruder is a psychologist, thought leader, change agent, and 8- times award-winning author. He is also an Elder to the ManKind Project International.

A “Culture Change & Business Development Psychologist” and founder of Integrity Revolution, LLC, he helps leaders, businesses, helping professionals & the public succeed without sacrificing personal integrity, life balance, or social responsibility.

He is Special Counsel to the Chairperson and Board of CEO Space International, a business development organisation helping members create sustainable profitability through integrity, collaboration, and social responsibility.
Dr. Gruder provides keynotes, training programs, consulting, and mentoring worldwide on emotional intelligence, relationship intelligence, spiritual intelligence and integrity intelligence. He has done this with businesses, helping professionals, nonprofits, Fortune 500s, politicians, and World Trade Organization Ambassadors.

Relevant Personal Experience:

Founding president of thriving international nonprofit in the psychology field Elder & former board member of an international nonprofit in human potential for men Trusted Advisor to numerous businesses and leaders.


B.A., Magna Cum Laude, in Psychology & Music: Alfred University, Alfred, NY, USA M.A. in Psychology: California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego, CA, USA Ph.D. in Psychology: California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego, CA, USA Certificate in Holistic Health: Association for Holistic Health & UCAL, San Diego.

DCEP (Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology), ACEP.

Other Directorships:



Frank Rock, Chairman 2012-2015


Profession: Partner

Business Name: Harvest Resources

Personal Profile: Frank is a partner in Harvest Resources, a people development consultancy based in Santry, Dublin, Ireland. He joined Harvest in 2003 having spent over 15 years in a variety of senior management roles in sales, marketing and human resources.

He became a partner in 2005 and has a broad range of blue chip clients. He provides advice in the areas of culture change, people development and organisational succession planning.

Relevant Personal Experience: Frank is a regular speaker at business conferences both in Ireland and us and blogs regularly on issues effecting organisations in the areas of people development.