Combat Trauma and PTSD

Trauma is defined as an “uncontrollable and terrifying life event”. It can happen in a split second, or over a much longer period of time. We can also be traumatised by stories and news events that we witness or hear from others.
 An example of trauma happening over a longer period would be the experiences of combatants who continuously risk their lives in conflict, and who see their comrades fall in front of their eyes. By having to stay continually alert, and go onto the next situation, it eventually takes its toll as the traumatic experiences are “locked in”.

Sarah and Colonel Haddon

On returning home it can be difficult to re-integrate into family life, causing anger, hypertension and exhaustion from being constantly hyper vigilant. To try and deal with these emotions the individual often tries to numb the memories out by turning to drink or drugs, or withdrawing from society.
We work with veterans and active service personnel to help them overcome the memories of their traumatic experiences and get their lives back on track.

“I am a retired Special Forces, and Army Ranger Sniper soldier, who has seen combat in several locations around the world.
 I have known for years that I looked at the world differently after coming back from combat. I did not know how to deal with the nightmares, flashbacks etc. Using Tapas Acupressure Technique, I have changed from being an emotionally cut off soldier, father and husband. I finally have my life back and can become the father, son and husband that I once was.” — Staff Sergeant Brian Davis, Former Army Special Forces. USA.

Staff Sergeant Brian Davis, Part I

Staff Sergeant Brian Davis, Part II

Noel, Armed Forces Veteran