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 The mission of Sarah Bird Foundation is to provide support to other Not for Profit organisations and volunteers.

Sarah facilitated a wonderful session with our overseas volunteers as part of our pre-departure training course. She was engaging and interesting, teaching some fascinating techniques and getting us all thinking about the energy flowing in all of us and how much it impacts on our daily lives. She won over one or two sceptics with her demonstrations! Her session was interactive and challenging, and all participants had a lovely time.” – Louise, Volunteer Mission Movement, Self-care session feedback

At the beginning of the session I was quite sceptical about how positive the long term benefits of the session would be. As a self-confessed stress-head, Sarah’s strategies made me feel calm during her delivery and I left feeling much more positive about my massive to do list. Now, a few weeks after meeting Sarah, I amazingly am still feeling the positive impacts the session had and colleagues at work have also commented on it. I’m a teacher and have passed on some of the activities to my 7-8 year old class, who now love beginning the school day with ‘tapping’ and then zipping themselves up to protect against negativity! An incredibly worthwhile session, which I think will help me enormously in daily life, but specifically when working overseas in a very different environment.” – Volunteer Mission Movement, Self-care session feedback


Essential Self Care

A special workshop designed for development workers, managers, first responders and volunteers.

A One Day Workshop facilitated by Sarah Bird


Working in difficult environments has an impact on our well-being. How we manage ourselves in times of stress is fundamental to our health and ability to perform effectively.

This workshop will teach you the Essential Self Care skills you need in order to work/volunteer ethically and responsibly.

Workshop Structure:

A highly engaging, interactive and immersive workshop format, with delegates participating in the conversation and undertaking practical exercises together.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

Workshop Outcomes & Key Benefits:

This workshop is aimed at:

Train The Trainer

Sarah Bird Foundation’s vision is to leave a sustainable imprint in the places it works. To that end Train the Trainer programmes can be arranged with the people and organisations we are collaborating with.

To discuss your needs or to organise a workshop, contact Sarah 0872913343


Sarah Bird has worked with Ruhama for a number of years delivering her programme to our clients. As the Volunteer Manager I am acutely aware of the intense frontline work our volunteers do in supporting women, day in day out. We believe fostering an environment where our staff and volunteers are equipped with the tools necessary for their own self care is of vital importance and improves the quality of our work. The Sarah Bird programme is so broadly applicable to coping with everyday life stresses and strains that we thought it would be wonderful to be able to offer it our volunteer team. Sarah Bird is very approachable as a facilitator and creates an open, trusting environment in which to learn these practical techniques.” – Tara Brown, Volunteer Manager

As the saying goes “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”.  Yes, probably… but not always. These words echo like a mantra as I think about the taster session I attended with Sarah Bird earlier this year.  I was there in my role as a volunteer with Ruhama (an  NGO which works with women affected by prostitution and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation).  The session was great:  calming, refreshing, challenging.  In just a few hours, Sarah showed us a number of techniques and gave us time to try them.  She shared her experience, her enthusiasm, her conviction.  I have now an expanded tool-box to deal with the stress life presents around and within me; to take back control when I feel – or know-  I have lost it; to heal, to be fully alive and well.   The techniques Sarah offers are simple, low-cost but effective: the biggest challenge is to keep using them.  And I do… honestly…  in my work.. in my life.  They really do work.”  – Anne